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Samsung Galaxy S10 with built-in blockchain wallet

With the integration of a built-in blockchain wallet in the new Samsun Galaxy S10, Samsung is surely trying to take the lead, but this company is not the only one in the market with such an offer. In December 2018, Samsung announced their plans to release a new smartphone with integrated cold crypto wallet. The… Read More »

The Rise and Fall of Cryptocurrencies: An Analysis of Maecenas Art Currency

Virtual currencies, more specifically Bitcoin have garnered widespread attention and whilst some are already experts on the currency it is still somewhat confusing to many. Cryptocurrencies have recently been hailed as the future of banking, trading and economy. Additionally, the acknowledgment of cryptocurrencies as legal tender in multiple countries and on trading floors has only… Read More »

Moet Hennessy’s Alexa Responds on Voice Command

Concoct a drink for your esteemed guests and friends via Moet Hennessy’s Alexa and learn all the new skills needed, just in time for Christmas Put the latest Amazon Alexa for Moët Hennessy to a skill test and the result isn’t something you might expect. The device reacts on voice-command and responds to questions relating… Read More »